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Training blocks - Reuse your best training plans

We often receive suggestions from our users about how we could improve the product further. A request that many of our more experienced users have expressed is a way to easily reuse previous training plans.

As we all know, a season is often divided into several training periods that return each year. We try to build up our athletes as much as we can before the competition season starts, maintain that good physical form during the season, and maybe taper before the most important competitions. Meaning last year's planning can come in handy this year too.

The product already contains several features to facilitate this need, such as copying old training plans or copying old training weeks. Now we are happy to announce two new features that make reuse a natural part of the product, Training blocks and copying between training plans.

Training blocks

Before the summer we released the possibility for our Judo users to import different pre-made training blocks into their calendars and training plans. The training blocks had different focuses, such as strength development and pre-competition tapering.

Now we are making it possible for all our users to create, share and use their own training blocks. It is just as simple as this, select “create training block” in the calendar tools menu and select which weeks you want to include in the block. After that you can import and plan the selected weeks over and over again.

For example, if you have created a 4 week plan focusing on building strength then you can select those 4 weeks and create your own build up block. You can then reuse the same weeks next year or share it with another athlete or training group if you are a coach.

Copying between training plans

A slightly minor feature we also release today is the possibility to copy one week in one training plan to another training plan. This can be useful if two or more of your training groups are going to have the same schedule an upcoming week. Now you can just copy one group's training week to another group's training plan.

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