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Marco Scheiterbauer’s recipe for success – optimizing performance for the German National Taekwondo

In Taekwondo, Marco Scheiterbauer leaves nothing to chance. This has resulted in many international medals as well as him being a 10x German Taekwondo Champion. Now he takes his scientific approach to the German National Taekwondo Team – and shares his recipe for success.

For Marco, 17 years as a top Taekwondoin was not enough. To better understand what drives performance in Taekwondo, he complemented his own experience as a player with courses in Sports Science and Sports Management to be better prepared for his new role as a coach.

He started his coaching career as assistant coach in the German Junior Taekwondo Team in 2009. 3 years later he got the opportunity to take over as head coach. Together with the team he won a silver and bronze in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, followed by two gold at the World Taekwondo Cadet Championships in 2015.

In later years, the team has taken huge steps forward and won 13 gold, 21 silver and 44 bronze medals at the European Taekwondo Championships and two gold, four silver and 13 bronze at the World Junior Taekwondo Championships.

Following the Junior Teams success, Marco was recently named head mens coach for the German National Taekwondo Team.

Using Athlete Analyzer to increase performance

But these improvements don’t come without sacrifice. Marco, a self-proclaimed technical nerd, pushes both himself and his athletes to make the most out of new techniques and technologies. An important part in the team’s training is the use of Athlete Analyzer as a training tool.

“Athlete Analyzer helps me plan and document the training. And I love the integration of the Polar app to track workouts, running and other endurance sessions. It is so easy to work with” tells Marco.

His athletes are scattered across the country, making communication and training difficult. But Marco relies on Athlete Analyzer to keep in touch with his athletes, but also to coach from a distance with the help video analysis.

“Athlete Analyzer enables me to work remotely with my athletes when it’s needed. The new chat is awesome, and I really love the feature known as Practice Videos. It allows the athletes to upload videos of exercises in the gym and on the tatami, which I then can comment and draw my instructions on” Marco explains.

Marco Scheiterbauer’s recipe for Taekwondo success

As seasoned Taekwondoins know, there are no shortcuts to great performance. But there are ways to make the most out of every minute on the tatami. So, what are Marco’s recipe for success?

“The fighting style in Taekwondo is highly technical and very athletic, so it is very important to spend a lot of time in the gym and the dojo. At the end of the month, it comes down to how many hours you worked and how committed you are to your long-term goals. Athlete Analyzer helps me and the German National Taekwondo Team to structure and analyze the training, to make sure these hours are spent in the most optimal way. We train hard and with passion, but we also train smart. That’s our recipe for success.”


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