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New update of Athlete Analyzer

We have recently updated the training sections of Athlete Analyzer. This is one of many planned improvements with the purpose of enhance the user experience in the system.

We have asked many of our users around the world and their feedback and suggestions of improvements have been fantastic, thank you! We love to get your feedback so please don’t hesitate to send us any suggestions you might have.

Athlete Analyzer is a fairy complex system with many features covering most needs our users have regarding both training and advanced video analysis. Our team has worked hard the last months to streamline many of the common tasks in the system to make it easier and quicker to use.

In this release we have updated the planning and reporting of workouts and we hope that you will like the changes we have made.

We have now made it obligatory to rate the exertion of each workout. It’s very important that the athletes report how hard the workout actually was since this affects the calculation of training load, performance level and injury risk.

Don’t forget that it is the exertion of the complete workout that should be answered. Not just the randoris in the end of the judo training example below.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.


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