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New feature: easier martial arts communication with Athlete Analyzer Chat

Communication with your martial arts athletes just became easier. No more cross-platform discussions with athletes and coaches, having to keep track of who said what in which app. With our new chat feature you can finally keep discussions in the same app.

Chat is the result of listening closely to our users. Our new feature has been developed in collaborations by several martial arts teams around the world, like the Quebec Provincial Judo Team.

One of the greatest challenges for coaches is to keep athletes and team members informed and updated on different topics. Previously, various apps like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have been used to keep contact, with varying results. In addition to cross-platform confusion, team members and coaches also had to use their personal accounts, which not everyone is comfortable with. Athlete Analyzer Chat puts an end to all this.

The new chat in Athlete Analyzer is perfect for:

  • Checking in on athletes status before and after training

  • Share links and resources with the whole team in a quick and easy way

  • Discuss and analyze plans and workouts

  • Keeping on-going discussions between coaches, with the possibility for creating different chat groups for differents purposes

  • Organize events like camps or competitions and solving last minute questions and details

Athlete Analyzer is built for martial arts like Judo, Taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Fencing. Sign up for a free trial if you’re not yet a user or Log in to try our new feature.


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