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We have now released a completely new video solution that contain many new improvements.

New Player

The new player both loads faster and contains some new features such as frame-by-frame and more playback speeds.

Resumable Uploads

It is now possible to resume a failed video upload. No need to start from the beginning just select the file again and it will continue from where you left. Even better, if you upload from the App you can now pause and resume uploads whenever you want. Don’t forget to update your App.

Select Video Resolution

You can now choose if you want to store your videos in HD or SD. If you choose to store them in SD, you will be able to store roughly 4 times as many videos than you can with the HD option. Go to your profile and select what resolution you want to use. This setting will only affect new videos. The default setting is SD. 

More Storage

With the new solution we have increased the storage for all users. To save storage we recommend users to use the SD option for videos which is sufficient in most cases.


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