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Coaching from a distance – how video analysis helps you bridge the gap between you and your athletes

Coaching taekwondo with video analysis

To be a good coach, the most important thing is to be there on the tatami with your athletes. To closely follow their development, give them the right feedback and help them keep motivation and focus during hard training blocks.

But as all martial arts coaches know, the reality is different. No matter if you are a judo, taekwondo, bjj, karate or fencing coach, there is a constant struggle to keep track of the development of all athletes between travels, training sessions and competitions. For coaches with both club and national team commitments, it is especially difficult.

Better tools to help your coaching

At Athlete Analyzer we are well aware of the struggle martial arts coaches experience, simply because we’ve been there ourselves. Our mission is to help every martial arts athlete to become the best they can – by helping their coach. That’s why we have developed tools for video analysis, training planner and training diary to facilitate better coaching, adapted to the reality and struggles of martial arts coaches worldwide.

We have compiled 6 of the best features in Athlete Analyzer that help you bridge the gap between you and your athletes when coaching from a distance – both for training and competition.

For training

Training planner – everything in the same place

The training planner lets you add, adjust, or completely change the training and workout for your athletes without the struggle of managing spread sheets and other documents. One plan, one calendar and one app make sure that everyone is up to date with the latest plan. Last-minute changes can be added and shared instantly, with both athletes and other coaches that are involved with the athlete.

Training diary – monitor the training from a distance

Planning is one thing. But how do you make sure the athlete stays on track when you are away? The training diary helps the athlete record, monitor, and reflect on their training with a few simple clicks on their phone. As a coach, you get an easy way of comparing the plan, the calculated effort, and the outcome of the workout. Maybe the athlete made a greater effort than needed? Maybe they were feeling off and couldn’t go as hard as planned? No matter the outcome, the training diary is a great tool to help keep track of the athletes training and progression from a distance.

Practice videos – taking the power of video analysis to training

Our new feature – practice videos – brings the power of video analysis into everyday training. One of the most important aspects of martial arts training, the proper technique, is also one of the hardest to monitor from a distance. Practice videos lets the athlete record and upload videos of training sequences. As a coach, you can feedback and even illustrate your input with drawings directly on the video. To set a good example, you can even upload your own video to demonstrate the proper execution of the technique.

Flow – keep track and motivate your athletes

The social flow feature is a combination of automatic posts, for example video uploads, and manual posts from every athlete. And it’s a great way for coaches to acknowledge and motivate athletes. A simple thumbs up or encouraging comment can mean everything if the timing is right. Use Flow to provide instant feedback, praise and motivation to your athletes, even when you’re not around.

For competition

Match feedback with video analysis

One of our most sought-after features is our video analysis tool, adapted for judo, taekwondo, bjj, karate, and fencing. When a match has been recorded, the athlete uploads and tags the it with important events. All coaches connected to the athlete get a notification when a competition is ready for reviewing. Both athletes and coaches can comment, discuss, and analyze the match as if they were in the same competition arena. This makes feedback easy and straightforward, even from a distance.

Long-term development with video playlists and statistics

With the statistics feature, you get access to the aggregated data from all recorded and tagged videos. This lets you see patterns in the athlete’s performance, making it possible to discover strengths and weaknesses to address in the long-term training. By composing playlists with important events, they can be shared and discussed by all coaches connected to the athlete. It is especially useful for coaches on a national level, where sessions with national team athletes can be few and far apart.

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