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Report your workouts in seconds!

Finally, after hard work based on valued feedback from our users we have now released new apps for iPhone and Android. The apps are remade completely and runs much faster than previous versions. The design matches the design on our webapp and we hope that you will love it!

Our focus has been to enable a smooth and fast register of workouts. It’s now possible to report workouts in seconds.

We have also implemented the “Flow” in the app which makes it very easy to like and comment posts from training and competitions. As a coach you can keep track and give feedback on everything your team does on a daily basis. This is very good to keep the motivation up for the athletes. Try it out, it will take your work to a new dimension!

Introducing Wellness reporting!

We have introduced wellness reporting together with the new apps. This feature is now available for all our Athlete Pro subscribers. The reporting covers five basic areas and takes a few seconds to report:

  • Motivation – How motivated are you to train?

  • Muscle soreness – Your current muscle soreness

  • Stress – Your current stress

  • Mood – Your current mood

  • Energy – Your current energy

AAJ calculates a Wellness index based on the answers above.

It’s very important to keep track of the wellness of your athletes and see how the training periods and competitions affects their wellness over time. The wellness should be reported by the athlete at the same time every day in order to be accurate. Early morning is often the best time to report. This can be easily set up in the app settings.

You can easily analyze the wellness via Analyze/Wellness both in the webapp or in the mobile apps.

You can download the apps here:


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