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This new version of Athlete Analyzer Judo is a major update. We have been working on it for more than six months and it has literally hundreds of enhancements.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all our users that have shared their thoughts and ideas with us. There’re many different ideas and approaches among different countries in our judo community. In this new version of Athlete Analyzer Judo we have tried to cook down these ideas and bring you the best possible tool for all your needs concerning planning and analyze judo. There’re too many new features to write about in just one blog post so we’ll explain them more in detail in the weeks to come. We also want to thank our Beta testers who have shared their valued feedback. THANK YOU!

Are we done, is the system complete? Not in any way, our to-do list is full of exciting features to come!

New User Interface

Athlete Analyzer Judo comes now with a brand new User Interface. We have implemented a new modern color theme and enhanced the readability.

New Navigation

The navigation in the system has got a major update. It’s easier to quickly change between different parts of the system. This affects in particular the coach version. It’s now much easier to change athlete without going through the coach dashboard. Go directly inte each athlete’s calendar with one click.

New Dashboard

We have updated the dashboards for booth the coaches and the athletes. The dashboards have shortcuts so it’s easier to get where you need to go.

Updated graphs

We have updated and even replaced the various graphs in the system. This in order to enhance the visual experience and make important data to stand out even more.

New video tag editor

We have listened carefully to our users feedback and focused on making the video tagging even easier to use. It’s now even possible to zoom in at the timeline for those contests with many events close in time. All events are easily editable in the new event list.


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