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Collaboration within the Judo Coach Team

Athlete Analyzer Judo is developed with a strong focus on simplify the collaboration between the different judo coaches in a team. We have asked Ricardo Tanhoffer, one of our coach users in Brazil to tell us a little about how the coaches in his team collaborate with the aid of Athlete Analyzer.

"I used to be a Judo athlete but 20 years ago I had a serious car accident and I was away of any Judo activity since then. However, in 2016, an old friend and a great Judo coach invited me to apply programs of strength and power training for some of his Junior and Cadet athletes (besides Judo black belt, I am PhD in Sports Science).

I accepted the invitation but I had to update myself and thus I started to search for new tools to do a good work with those athletes. Then I learned about Athlete Analyzer Judo and I must confess I was very impressed on the quality and novelty of this platform.

Although I do not act as a coach ‘per se’, Athlete Analyzer allows me to work close to my coach colleagues and therefore we can plan together the training programs and manage the periodization of each athlete in order to optimize their technical and physical performance.

I strongly recommend Athlete Analyzer for all Judo coaches and exercise physiologists."

Ricardo Tanhoffer

Judo black belt

PhD in Sports Science

Curitiba – PR - Brazil


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