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Athlete Analyzer Flow - Keeps you always updated on all athletes in your team

Athlete Analyzer Flow makes it possible to like and comment everything your athletes register in Athlete Analyzer like training sessions and match videos from competitions. Giving feedback to your athletes is of course very important and is a key to success. With Flow it’s very easy. Just hit the “like” button or write a comment for the posts shared with you.

New feature - Create manual posts

This is a feature that many of our users have requested. Now it’s possible to write posts and share them with your athletes or to the coach staff (or to everyone you’re connected to).

You can also insert links to any content you would like to share. If it’s a link to a Youtube video you can even watch it directly in the post. Athletes can easily post videos that are previously uploaded to Athlete Analyzer.

Just write an message, add a link and share to your team.

The post will show up in Flow for the persons you have shared it to. The users can easily like or comment the post and everyone have everything in one place. No need to use extra tools or systems to spread information to your team.

A shared Youtube video in AAJ Flow

This feature can of course be used for many purposes and makes Athlete Analyzer Judo even more complete. Coaches can share training instructions or technique instructions or just highlight something of interest for your team. Athletes can upload videos from training sessions and share to their coaches for review and feedback.

We hope that you'll love this new feature in Flow. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have ideas about future features in Athlete Analyzer.

You can read more about Athlete Analyzer Flow HERE

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