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For athletes

Which of your grips leads to most ippons? Which of your techniques are most efficient? Which technique leads to many wazaris but not to ippons? These are some of the questions that you can get an answer to in seconds with Athlete Analyzer!

All graphs in the analyze section are clickable which will apply combined filters all the way down to the very lowest detail. In the example below we want to look at techniques that leads to most ippons. We apply a filter for the most effective grip for ippon scores and then we can easily watch each score. It’s of course possible to watch in full screen, in slow motion or even frame by frame.

Let’s say that you want to work on a technique that you use to score in contests but they seldom leads to ippon? Click on a technique with an low ippon rate and then you can compare each score done with that certain technique.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Do you just want to look at counter attacks? Would you like to study all your ashi waza? Which technique has the best ippon rate during match minute 3? It’s all there waiting for you. Accessible for you and your coaches in seconds.

You can use all this information for planning your future training sessions. You can even set goals for what you would like to achieve. Let’s say that you’re training hard to get more ippons from a certain technique. Just set the goal and when you achieve it you and all your coaches will get notified automatically.

For coaches

If you are responsible for many athletes it could be a hurdle to remember what’s working for each athlete and what’s not. It’s quite easy to mix up what’s working in randori sessions and what’s actually working in contests. With Athlete Analyzer you’ll always have all the facts at your fingertips.

Analyze and set goals is easy, takes little time and you can do it whenever you want, wherever your are. To be able to set goals is a very strong feature. Let’s say you’re a national coach, you can now set goals which will be seen by the athlete and his or hers club coaches. This enhances the collaboration between all coaches around an athlete, making it possible for everyone to work towards common goals.

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