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You asked and we have delivered!

We have got quite a few requests from our users regarding the possibility to tag match videos already uploaded on YouTube. We have of course listened to you and are now happy to announce that this new exiting feature is released for our Athlete Pro users!

It’s very easy to use this feature too. Just add the link to the video and tag the match events like you’re used to. It works for all videos based on YouTube technology that you have access to. No matter if the videos is several hours long as it can be when a whole competition is in one video or if you have access to single match videos. Just add the link, find your match, and tag the match events.

Please beware that we can’t guarantee the videos lifetime on YouTube. Your tagged data will stay forever in Athlete Analyzer Judo though, for all analyzing purposes that you and our other users love.

See how to link a YouTube video here.

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