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PDCA (plan-do-check-act) is an iterative four-step management method mainly used in business for continual improvement of processes and products.

One main goal with the design of Athlete Analyzer has been to apply PDCA into the coaching process.

Plan – Set the athlete’s goals for the coming period. It’s possible to set goals regarding nearly every aspect in AAJ such as training, technical development, results or general goals. Create training plans supporting the goals and  share everything with all coaches around the athlete.

Do – Implement the training plan. Make sure that the athletes film their contests and let them tag all match events. Look at the contests and give feedback to the athletes (the “Feedback loop”). This is very useful between coaches on different levels (National, Regional & Club levels) and is of course highly motivating for the athletes.

Check – Analyze your athletes regularly and check the progress of their goals (well, you can let the system do it for you and send you emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis if you are short of time). When the period is over it’s time to sit down and evaluate if the goals are completed or not.

Act – If the CHECK shows that the PLAN that was implemented in DO has lead to an improvement then you might want to continue without any major changes when you create your next plan. If the CHECK shows no improvement or something different than expected then adjust your next plan based on well informed decisions.

So, Athlete Analyzer is not only a software for judo, it’s a method for continual improvement of your athletes.


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