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This weekend many international fighters are gearing up for the European Open circuit in Sofia for men and in Lisbon for women. Some of the European top athletes are coming to the capitals to fight for 100 points and the medals. Meanwhile most of us have had their first event. This weekend also the Belgian Open will take place for men and women, usually a good warm-up for the Grand Slam in Paris, the big one where 15,000 fans will be packed in the Arena.

Last week many national championships took place and you have probably already been on training camp to get ready for this season’s goals. If you want to reach your personal goals, you will all analyse your judo style, your skills. Why don’t you contact some of your friends to give them the best tool available. They can subscribe for free, test Athlete Analyzer and who knows your coach and club are interested to get the best out of our system.

If you want to start your season with full analytics, then poke your friends for a free randori.

Win fancy prizes if you bring in multiple free subscription. This won’t be your biggest challenge of the season.

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