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As a judo coach you probably have many athletes wanting your precious feedback from various competitions. Sometimes you have seen the matches live which makes it quite easy (at least if you remember them from an often chaotic environment ;).

A larger problem arises when you haven’t seen the matches and need to watch them afterwards. First you have to get access to the match videos, often in various places and formats which could be a challenge in its own. Then you’ll need to sort out the match order as it may have affected the performance. Hopefully you’re now ready to start watching.

After watching the match videos it’s time to write feedback. It takes time as you have to refer to different matches and to different situations in them. When you’re done you can send the feedback to the athlete or sit down and talk about it. Great!

If you’re responsible for many athletes you will have go through this over and over again. As we all know it’s important to give the feedback shortly after the competition and it could be a problem as time flies due to the administrative work above.

Athlete Analyzer Judo keep track and notifies you of new reported competitions by your athletes. You can watch the match videos whenever you want, wherever you are. Write feedback directly to each video with automatic time stamps to each situation you want to comment. The feedback is viewable for all coaches around the athlete which is very practical. Sometimes the club coach write feedback, sometimes the regional or national coach do. Everyone collaborating for the benefit of the athlete.


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