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Mastering Competition Readiness with Athlete Analyzer's Advanced Preparation and Analyzing Tools

Check out our latest feature Competition Preparation Analysis. This new analysis offers an in-depth look at the preparation period leading up to a competition. Found on the competition details page, it provides a comprehensive view of conditions on the competition day and the two weeks prior. Discover how completed training and external factors like travel affect athletes’ sleep and HRV. This allows for a holistic detailed analysis of the preparation strategy, enabling athletes and coaches to make informed decisions about training adjustments and preparations for the next competition.

Small tweaks in preparation can lead to significant improvements in performance. With Athlete Analyzer, you have the tools to make needed modifications, ensuring your athletes always are ready to perform at their best, when it matters the most.

Competition Preparation Analysis for Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo, Karate and Fencing
Competition Preparation Analysis for Judo

Continue to read below to see how you can plan and monitor for your athletes’ success in the future.

Plan and monitor for success

In 2023, Athlete Analyzer introduced the "Performance Planning" feature, transforming how coaches across our various supported disciplines; Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo, Karate and Fencing, can plan their athletes’ future planning.

This feature allows for strategic planning, offering insights into how different training schedules impact fitness, fatigue, and performance levels at future dates. This is particularly crucial in tapering strategies, ensuring athletes are in peak form for their competitions. Performance planning is available in the calendar view. Discover in real time how added, changed or removed workouts will affect your future performance level.

Performance Planning for Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo, Karate and Fencing
Performance Planning

TIP: Usually, coaches plan for keeping or increasing the intensity but lower the volume in the training. This means that the athletes have more time over than usual. Use this time wisely, plan for some extra video analysis and mental preparation. Fine tune technical and tactical preparations and mentally visualize success on the match day.

Sleep Analysis

Beyond performance level, Athlete Analyzer recognizes the importance of sleep amount and quality in athletic success. For those using an iPhone or a Garmin or Polar watch, integrating your data, including sleep, with Athlete Analyzer is straightforward, providing valuable insights regarding the sleep patterns. Find out how to connect your devices here for Polar and here for Garmin.

Sleep Analysis in Athlete Analyzer for Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo, Karate and Fencing
Sleep Analysis

Weight Analysis

Our updated weight analysis feature is another key tool, particularly for sports where weight categories are used. It allows for effective monitoring and management of weight trends, which is essential for optimal performance and health.

The 'Athlete Analyzer Kiosk' has become a popular tool for teams to monitor weight and wellness. Place the Kiosk near your scale and have your athletes register their weight and wellness in connection with their training. Learn how to activate your kiosk here.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

In 2023, we also added the capability to track and analyze Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for users with Polar or Garmin devices. HRV is an excellent indicator of an athlete's recovery status and readiness for peak performance. Explore the benefits of HRV tracking here.

Our journey with Athlete Analyzer, from the detailed Competition Preparation Analysis to the Performance Planning tool, is all about providing practical, impactful support for athletes and coaches. It's about making training smarter, preparation more effective, and performance better.

We're excited to see the goals you'll achieve and the barriers you'll break using our platform. Thank you for choosing Athlete Analyzer as your companion in athletic progress.

With Athlete Analyzer, you're more than just prepared for the competition; you're prepared to win.


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