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This is a feature many of our customers have requested and we’re very happy to announce this new feature for our Athlete Pro users!

How does it work?

All workouts from Polar Flow will now automatically be added to your calendar as completed. If you already have scheduled workouts in your AAJ calendar then the Polar workouts will be tied to them automatically if they are within +- 1 hour.

The data coming from Polar does not include a RPE value for workout sessions. Therefore, we approximate an RPE for each workout coming from Polar in order to still be able to calculate Training Load for you. The approximated RPE is calculated from your age and average heart rate from the session. This means that you might need to adjust the RPE manually in some cases to get a correct Training Load. For example, heavy strength training might result in a RPE that is a bit too low due to a low average heart rate even though the session was perceived as hard.

How do I start?

Go to your profile. Click on “Manage external data providers” and connect to your Polar Flow account and you’re done!

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