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Collaborate within your organization

Athlete Analyzer Judo is all about having all coaches around each athlete collaborate and help the athlete to reach her or his next level, throughout the career. The purpose with our new price model is to make it easier for our customers to bring in more of their coaches and judokas on different levels into the system.

If more coaches within an organization use the system they can more easily collaborate in order to support the athletes even more. One coach can focus on the judo training and another coach can be focusing on strength and conditioning. Your physiotherapist can add rehab plans for injured athletes so every coach can follow the progress.  Other coaches (or even parents) can help out with film the contests and upload them to Athlete Analyzer. Our new Price Model makes it possible for our users to bring in all (up to eight! coaches) to collaborate in their organization.

We also want to make a contribution to the judo community by introducing a FREE version of Athlete Analyzer Judo for athletes.

Team Coach Package: Up to eight coaches within the same organization for only 24.99 €/month (or 249 €/year). Unlimited access to unlimited number of athletes.

Athlete Free: This is a free version of Athlete Analyzer for athletes. This subscription comes with the basic functionality of Athlete Analyzer but has little less features and less video storage than Athlete Pro. Athlete Free also contains ads. Athlete Free is a good choice for younger athletes to start with before they need the more advanced features offered by Athlete Pro. We recommend that you start with Athlete Free from 13 years of age and then upgrade to Athlete Pro based on the athletes’ ambition level.

These new subscriptions make it possible for an entire organization to start up with Athlete Analyzer Judo for only 24.99 €/month!

Check out our price plans and compare versions here:

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