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Big news today for all our users! We have released AAJ Flow for coaches and athletes. Flow makes it very easy for the coaches to keep track of their athletes’ daily updates regarding both training and competitions. The coaches can “like” and comment all posts from the athletes in order to give feedback and motivate their athletes even further. No extra work is needed, it just got a lot easier for the coaches to give feedback on daily basis to their athletes!

What is AAJ Flow?

Flow get its updates from registered data from the athletes’ daily updates in AAJ and create automatic posts in the Flow. The posts being displayed from start is:

  • Workouts (both native AAJ workouts and workouts from Polar)

  • Competition results

  • Match videos

  • Ippon sequences

The posts (and linked “likes” and comments) from an athlete can only be seen by the athlete and the athlete’s coaches. Coaches can see all posts from their athletes and also the other coaches’ “likes” and comments regarding these posts. This enhances the collaboration between the coaches for the benefit of every athlete.

Why AAJ Flow?

To give feedback to athletes on a regularly basis is most important to keep the motivation high for the athletes. Now it can be done in a very easy and fun way!

AAJ Flow also brings new possibilities for the teams together with the quite generous “Team Coach Package” which allows the teams to have up to eight coaches in the team. Most teams have former coaches with a very solid and high judo knowledge but they maybe are not so interested to hang around in the dojo anymore for different reasons. Now it’s possible for these excellent resources to use AAJ Flow and for instance give feedback on the athletes’ matches and techniques. The former coaches can help the athletes from wherever they are, whenever they want. By doing so they also transfer their knowledge to the team coaches.

What’s next in the Flow?

That’s up to you! We have a lot of ideas but we would love your feedback for the current version and suggestions for new functionality in the Flow!

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