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Fine-Tuning for Victory: Analyze the impact different PSS has on your Taekwondo results

In the precision-driven world of Taekwondo, even the smallest advantage can tip the scales of victory. While the rules of the game remain constant, the Protector scoring system (PSS) Daedo and KPNP used at competitions varies in operation. This variation necessitates a strategic shift, compelling athletes to adapt their tactics to align with the technological nuances of each system.

Athlete Analyzer, ever responsive to the evolving needs of the Taekwondo community, has rolled out a seemingly minor yet impactful update. Athletes and coaches can now register which competition system—Daedo, KPNP, or non-electronic — was used during the competition. This enhancement, stemming from the suggestion of a renowned Taekwondo coach, underscores our commitment to evolving our platform in line with user feedback.

The Essence of the Update

This new feature is more than a mere addition; it's a strategic tool that brings a significant advantage. By registering the scoring system used in each competition, Athlete Analyzer enables a deeper, more context-specific analysis of performance. 

Understanding how the technology's operational differences influence scoring can guide athletes to fine-tune their approach, making all the difference in high-stakes matches. Training can now be tailored not just to the opponent or the general rules of Taekwondo but to the very system that will be scoring the upcoming competition. 

How can I use it?

  1. Register which PSS that was used at the competition

  2. Filter on PSS when you analyze the athlete 

  3. Adjust the tactics for upcoming competitions

A Testament to User-Driven Innovation

Athlete Analyzer's latest feature exemplifies our dedication to listening to and acting on the insights of our community. The enhancement was inspired by feedback from a distinguished figure in the Taekwondo world, reflecting our ethos of continuous improvement driven by real user needs. It's a small tweak in our system, but one that brings substantial benefits to the athletes and coaches who rely on our platform.


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