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Get ahead before your competition does

See for yourself how to gain an edge over your competition

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Game-changing details

Discover the patterns of athlete's techniques that go beyond beautiful throws and obvious mistakes.

Streamlined progress

Complete tracking of athlete’s development, trainings and results.

Performance boost

Plan your training to reach the perfect shape and stamina for every competition and avoid injuries.


Robert Eriksson
Head Coach

Swedish National Judo Team

”Athlete Analyzer has made planning and analysis for the Swedish national team both valuable and efficient It plays an important role in the development of Swedish judo.”


Neil Adams MBE
World Champion, 2x Olympic Silver Medallist, 5x European Champion, 21x British Champion, 1996 GB Olympic Coach, VJF National Coach, IJF World Judo Tour Commentator, IJF Referee Supervisor

"Athlete Analyzer gives the coach the ability for ‘organic’ programming to match the fast pace needs and the almost instant feedback the athlete needs to take into the next training session or event. It would have been a very welcomed tool for me both as an athlete and a coach especially on the World class level."


Rob Haans 

3x World Champion 

2x World Games Gold medalist

National Coach Swedish Ju-Jitsu Team

"Athlete Analyzer is absolutely making my life as a coach so much easier and the relationship with my athletes so much more professional. Everybody on the team speaks the same language concerning training and the gameplan for the next tournament is all ready made long before the tournament starts.

Athlete’s secret weapon

Data helps you appreciate all your strengths and weaknesses to better prepare for each competition.

Vault-level privacy
and data protection

We care about your data security and make sure it is only available to you and people you trust.

Timeline to stay

Like and comment everything the athletes register in Athlete Analyzer. From training sessions to match videos.

Coach’s time saver

Instantly share training plans built on your templates with a group of athletes.

Athletes tag,
coaches direct

Athletes feel the ownership of their results when they can tag their videos. Their time pays off when coaches provide timely and accurate feedback.

Team collaboration
made easy

Centralize your team’s coaching. Martial arts, physio, strength and conditioning coaches can now collaborate efficiently.

Get ahead before your competition does


Analyze and plan on the go

With Athlete Analyzer mark your videos when and where you have time to do it.

Easily consult your data on the go.

Share a training plan and mark what’s done with a couple of taps and slides.