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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Techniques with Athlete Analyzer

This post focuses on analyzing the effectiveness of your athletes’ Osaekomi Waza but it also applies to our other sport versions; BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Taekwondo, Karate and Fencing.

Oasae komi waza effectiveness in Judo
Effectiveness of a judoka´s Osae Komi Waza techniques. Select a technique by clicking on it and see all corresponding video clips.

Consider this: an judoka is really good at get into a particular technique but often fails to secure points. Despite mastering the transition into the technique, they frequently release too soon, missing vital ippons or wazaris. It's a common experience for judokas (and most athletes) – a moment's hesitation, a lost grip, and the match is gone. Understandable frustrating to say at least.

The solution lies in focused training. Emphasize maintaining the hold of this specific technique until the ippon is achieved. This targeted practice might be the key to transforming near-wins into definite victories. A few hours invested in this concentrated training could be the recipe for enhanced results and more podium finishes.

Then there's the 'golden gem' in the data – a technique not used so much, but with a 100% ippon rate. This is a significant insight. Whenever your athlete employs this technique, victory is almost assured.

The focus of the Osae komi training should be to refine transitions into this technique. Increasing its use in matches could significantly boost win rates. Remember, though, every rule has its exception. The challenge is adapting when facing an opponent more skilled at escaping this technique than previous opponents.

Athlete Analyzer's data offers insights for directing your training. Smart allocation of training time, emphasizing areas for the most improvement per athlete, is crucial. If you have 8 hours per week for sport specific training, make sure to use them wise. Use them where it matters most.

These analytical strategies apply to Nage waza as well. Identify less efficient techniques and focus to use those with higher success rates more. Or, focus on turning Wazaris to Ippons. Starting here is an effective way to elevate your athlete's performance.

Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing you climb even higher on the podiums ahead.


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