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Technical analysis

Athlete Analyzer Ju-Jitsu visualizes everything you need to know about your Karate techniques in a quick and easy way to understand. A set of powerful graphs displaying your hits, techniques, scoring and even when your best periods in the contests are. You will discover patterns that you can address in future training sessions. You will also find out with what and when your opponents have found success against you.

Hit Analysis

Find out where you hit and get hit in seconds. Explore your Part 1 game in-depth. Just click on a zone to find out when and how the hit occurred.


Easily see at which directions you can throw today and which directions are missing. Plan your future judo development based on data.

Kumi Kata

Discover in seconds which grip  is the most effective and leads to most scores.
Find out which grips your opponents use most successfully against you.


It takes seconds in Athlete Analyzer to find out your weaknesses in Nage Waza. Visualize all sequences where the opponents have found a way against you.

and Scoring

Database with graphs and direct links to the video clips of all your techniques.
Study each technique to see their efficiency and what to improve for the future. 


Visualize when penalties are awarded and why as well as differences against left- and right-gripping opponents.

Match pattern and penalties analysis

Match Pattern Analysis is a very powerful analysis which visualizes how an athlete performs during a match. Use this information to optimize the tactics and training accordingly.

Good and Bad

Discover your best periods in the matches and which periods you need to improve.

Active vs.
Rest Periods

Visualize the duration of your active and rest periods during the matches.

Wins vs. Losses

Discover match patterns among those you won and lost with one click.

Training plans

Coaches can create and share training plans to all their athletes whenever they need and wherever they are. It’s easy to adjust the plan for for an individual athlete or a group. Both the athlete and the coaches can analyze all data.

All coaches in your team can manage the plans collaboratively. Different coaches can add the technical training, strength and conditioning, rehab sessions. Updated training plans are instantly synced to the athletes’ calendars.


Create detailed training plans for the athletes and share them in one click. Every change in the plan updates the athletes' calendars instantly.


Athletes can see their training plan and report their activity with a simple tap on their phones.

Follow up

See your athletes’ training progress day by day, week by week, month by month.
Monitor their training load and injury risk.


Athletes can connect their accounts with Polar Flow to enrich their data with detailed insights from each training session.

All sessions from Polar Flow will automatically be added to athlete's training calendar.


Training load and injury risk management

Monitoring the training load of athletes in training and competition helps to maximize performance and avoid injuries. Keep track of athletes’ current and future training load based on their training plans.

Training load

Discover athlete’s fitness level, fatigue level and performance level in the Insights graph.

Estimate your predicted performance level for important competitions with the current training plan.

Injury risk

The ratio between chronic and acute training load is one of the best predictors of injury. Avoid the risks of overtraining by analyzing your training load and adjusting it to stay ready for action on the tatami.

Used by 8 national federations, 100 clubs
and over 1500 winning athletes worldwide


Get ahead before your competition does


Rob Haans 

3x World Champion 

2x World Games Gold medalist

National Coach Swedish Ju-Jitsu Team

"Athlete Analyzer is absolutely making my life as a coach so much easier and the relationship with my athletes so much more professional. Everybody on the team speaks the same language concerning training and the gameplan for the next tournament is all ready made long before the tournament starts."


Benny Lah

2016 World Champion

2017 World Games Bronze medalist

"I think using Athlete Analyzer is a big help to achieve my goals faster with less effort! All the analysis l can do faster and the program is easy to use! If we all bring our game on a higher level, also our sport will grow! Definitely with Athlete Analyzer we will all achieve that! "


Linda  Lindström

Ju-Jitsu World Champion

"Athlete Analyzer is an amazing tool that completely enables you to analyze both my own and my opponents' techniques and patterns of movement. It provides good statistics and is a valuable tool for me and my coach in our dialogue about my training efforts. I can really recommend Athlete Analyzer"


Analyze and plan on the go