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End User License Agreement Athlete Analyzer

Please read this agreement carefully before using this software. By accepting this agreement you agree to be "user" or "licensee" and fully accept all the terms of the license agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, do not use the program. Â By using this program you accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

This license agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the licensee and Insudo Factory AB ('Insudo) with respect to the subject matter hereof. Similar to this, and where applicable under current legislation, the terms of this license agreement apply before any other communications or advertising material if such material contradicts any of said terms and conditions or where such material predates this license agreement.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement offers no ownership rights to the programs or products belonging to Insudo or its software suppliers.


- Insudo hereby grants Licensee a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use this program during the contract under the conditions specified here.

In terms of evaluation versions, the licensee must use this version for the period specified by Insudo. Written permission must be granted by Insudo for this period to be extended. Notwithstanding any contradiction in this Agreement shall Insudo not be liable for or bound by any warranty whatsoever of any evaluation versions of the software, to the extent provided hereunder, are made strictly according to the foundation "as is".

If the subscription period, fee has not been paid, or if your subscription has expired, the licensee will lose the rights to access the services associated with the program.

This license agreement grants the licensee the right to use the software on any number of computers with their personal login information.



- This program, as well as any corresponding documentation or information, belongs exclusively Insudo and / or its software suppliers. Insudo or its software suppliers own all intellectual property rights and copyrights pertaining to the programs, documentation or any other work, program or product given to the licensee by Insudo as part of this Agreement.


- Licensee agrees to Insudo without prior warning may upgrade the software with new or improved functionality. Upgrades are obtained free of charge by the licensee during the subscription period.

When the contracted period has elapsed, the license holder, in case of renewal of the program or product or service, is aware that the services and characteristics of the program may have been changed for adaptation to technical progress and that he / she would have to change to a new version according to the policy issued by Insudo.

By accepting the license agreement, the licensee accepts all such modifications to the program's services and features.


- All data acquisition and recording is done by the respective licensees. Insudo is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the recorded data. Each licensee is solely responsible for the content of this recorded data. It is not allowed to spread links to other sites that publish content / links of criminal, violent, pornographic or other harmful or immoral content.


- Insudo ensures that the software (service) is in operation, so called. Uptime, at least 95%. This does not include planned downtime that has been issued a license holder in advance. If there is interference, which means reduced availability, must Insudo be notfied for action. The Supplier's liability does not cover defects which are irrelevant to the solution intended use and that does not involve inconvenience to the customer. Error correction assumes that the alleged errors are reproducible. Rectification of errors occurs through rectification, where possible for the supplier, or through instructions on the circumvention of the error.


Insudo can not be held responsible by any person or entity regarding any damage or loss resulting from the use or inability to use the program or products, either directly or indirectly, including (but not limited to) business interruption, loss of profits or loss of anticipated income as a result the use of this program.


The program is provided "as is" and no claims will be accepted concerning failure to fulfill presumed functions or otherwise, except as expressly stands in clause 6 above. Insudo does not guarantee that the program is error free, nor that it will function without interruption. Notwithstanding any contradiction herein or elsewhere, is Insudo responsible under no conditions for damages amounting to an amount greater than the fee paid by the licensee for the program, regardless of whether the licensee has informed Insudo of the possibility of such damages.


- Licensee may not transfer the rights to this license agreement.

Licensee shall not make any alterations, either wholly or in part, in software, services and / or other documentation or material included in the product.


- This license agreement is governed by Swedish law. Both parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction or venue can apply for them.


The licensee knows and accepts that Insudo may take legal proceedings if the licensee should not adhere to this license agreement. Insudo reserves the right to terminate this license agreement automatically without notice if the licensee does not comply with any terms or conditions of this license agreement.

If any part of this agreement is contrary to applicable law, it shall be considered void, without prejudice to the contract entirety or implying that this agreement is void.

Insudo expressly reserves all other rights it may have and that are not herein granted to the licensee.


All workouts, exercises and training plans provided by Insudo are suggestions only. You should always discuss and review all workouts, exercises and plans with your instructor or coach. Athlete Analyzer strongly suggests that you consult with a physician or your medical healthcare provider before starting any exercise program and should be in good physical condition and physically able to participate. 


By practicing any of the workouts or exercises you are assuming full responsibility for your own actions and any injury to yourself and others, that may result from your or your training partners actions.

Insudo Factory AB
Box 110 10

SE-507 11 Borås


Tel:+46 33 13 47 70
© Insudo Factory AB


If you are wondering about anything, for example subscriptions or functionalities, please contact us. If you are interested in a club deal contact us with the number of athletes and coaches you are and we will get back to you shortly.

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