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Who is Athlete Analyzer built for?

Athlete Analyzer is built for all competitive athletes that want to become better at their sport, regardless of their current competition level.

When we’re meeting coaches and athletes we often end up in interesting discussions. Some of them believe that Athlete Analyzer is only for the very top elite athletes and their coaches. We believe this preconception originates from past experiences with old fashioned tools that often require resources like a dedicated video analyst. That’s not the case with Athlete Analyzer. During our conversations, coaches and athletes often change their minds and start to think differently.

In the past, video analysis and training management has been tools used primarily by national teams and very well resourced clubs on the highest levels. Often the information never even got to the athlete at all, creating no actionable value. Read more: Why many athletes don’t benefit from video analysis – and how to fix it

Athlete Analyzer is built for all competitive athletes, regardless of their current competition level. The athlete and the coach have complete control over the information and there’s no longer any need for any video analyst.

Our users are ambitious cadets, juniors and seniors that want to become better and take their next step in their career. They are already at, or want to reach, national or international level in their sport. They compete from smaller national competitions all the way up to the olympic games. Athlete Analyzer is used by olympians but is made for everyone.

When to start? We recommend that athletes start using Athlete Analyzer from 13-14 years and up. At this age, the athlete starts to reflect more about his or her development and is often also changing their game according to their body growth. Athlete Analyzer makes it easy to highlight both the athletes’ strengths and weaknesses and that is a strong motivational factor for further training. So, it’s a good thing starting at this age to form a baseline for future training and analysis.

As the athlete moves up through cadet and junior level the system makes it easier to get new insights. Some techniques that worked well earlier get a lower efficiency, new techniques prove to work more efficiently during contests. They also increase their complimentary training making the training plans more complex than before. At this age, they are also more likely to have more coaches around them than before. Maybe they enter a regional team or hopefully even the national team. If the athlete has used Athlete Analyzer since before the new coaches will have a veritable goldmine of information and can very quickly help the athlete towards his or her next level.

What about senior athletes or even on an olympic level? A senior athlete is in most cases already aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. At least in a broader way. But, with Athlete Analyzer they’ll still make new insights coming from the match data. New patterns will emerge over time and there’s always room for improvements. In this level every single detail is important, there’s no room to leave anything at chance.

So, who is Athlete Analyzer built for? Simply put, it’s built for athletes that want to improve their game, regardless of their current level. We have built Athlete Analyzer to be a companion through the athlete’s career.

One thing we all agree on – you never stop learning your sport, whatever your current level is. There’s always something that can be improved even further and Athlete Analyzer makes it a lot easier to know what that is.

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