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Presenting Poomsae for Athlete Analyzer

Great news for Poomsae coaches and athletes! With Athlete Analyzer for Poomsae, you now have access to powerful coaching tools that help your athletes reach their full potential. Discover how smart video analysis lets you adapt and optimize both training and competition preparations for better coaching and better results.

Key features include:

  1. Video analysis: With the powerful video analysis built for Poomsae, the athlete can upload videos directly from the tatami after training or competition. As a coach, you get easy access to all videos and can give feedback, even from a distance, by commenting and drawing directly on the video sequences. This creates valuable input for future competitions and makes it possible to adjust the athletes training based on past performances.

  2. Training planner: the training planner lets you design effective training programs for every individual athlete that are easy to follow up, adjust and improve.

  3. Easier communication: With the mobile app, videos and training plans are instantly accessible when needed, for both coaches and athletes. This makes cooperation easy and straightforward.


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