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All our plans start with a 14 days free trial
limited only by the number of videos you can upload


All our plans include everything you need
to up your performance, save time and win more.

Video tagging
Analyze matches
Analyze techniques
Analyze penalties
Match feedback
Coach collaboration

Training calendar
Training reports
Analyze training load
Injury prevention
Wellness report


Team Small





Up to 5 athletes

Up to 5 coaches

25GB Video Storage

Team Medium





Up to 15 athletes

Up to 5 coaches

75GB Video Storage

Team Large





Up to 25 athletes

Up to 8 coaches

125GB Video Storage

Team XL





Up to 50 athletes

Up to 10 coaches

250GB Video Storage

Single Athlete





 All the features you need and more.

5GB Video Storage

Used by 8 national federations, 100 clubs
and over 1500 winning athletes worldwide


Athlete’s secret weapon

Data helps you appreciate all your strengths and weaknesses to better prepare for each competition.

Vault-level privacy
and data protection

We care about your data security and make sure it is only available to you and people you trust.

Timeline to stay

Like and comment everything the athletes register in Athlete Analyzer. From training sessions to match videos.