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Join the New Era in Judo, Ju-Jitsu and BJJ!

Evidence Based Coaching with Athlete Analyzer

Our mission with Athlete Analyzer is to revolutionize the way coaches develop, train, and guide athletes by providing a complete software which gives insights and information that was unattainable until now. We want to support each athlete so they can work on what is most important for them to reach greater successes in the future.

We want to support the athletes so every athlete can reach their true potential, as well as support coaches with the tools needed to make their life easier in directing their athletes. Simply put, to allow coaches to do more for their athletes than ever before and in less time.

This is accomplished with Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) as a method and Athlete Analyzer as the supportive software. Evidence Based Coaching means that both the athlete and the coach are kept up to date on the athletes' progress.

To know the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete is incredibly powerful, as it allows coaches to make well informed decisions for the athlete’s development going forward. To put it another way, if you train 10 hours a week, we want to ensure that the majority of those hours are utilized to further improve existing strengths and to limit the weaknesses.

When you start collecting data you will see patterns that you weren't aware of, like an athlete collecting unnecessary penalties, which are fairly easy to correct in training. That piece of information alone could mean the difference in wins and losses.

Athlete Analyzer will visually display everything you need to know about your athletes. Athlete Analyzer makes this possible by simply tagging all the match situations in your athletes' videos. Every graph is clickable, which means that you always have instant access to each situation for detailed video analysis.

In most cases, we suggest, the athletes doing the match tagging themselves. This is for two main reasons. First of all, it forces the athletes to watch and reflect on their own performances, which we know is extremely beneficial. Secondly, it frees up time for the coaches to focus on what they do best: analyze the athletes’ performance and plan further training.

Introducing Athlete Analyzer Market

We have received questions from all over the world about how we can help athletes forward in their careers as they don’t always have a complete coaching staff around them. These athletes have the ambition but not always the access to skilled coaches to help them reach the next level, or they feel stuck in the tracks and simply need a second opinion in regards to their technique, tactics or training regime.

Athletes have asked us to help them with mental training, competition preparation or how to manage their weight. Combat sports are very complex and incredible expertise is needed in various topics to move athletes towards their goals.

Now is the time when we take our mission one step further by introducing Athlete Analyzer Market!

Athlete Analyzer Market has been designed to give coaches the opportunity to work with clients they would never be able to reach before, while providing athletes a chance to work with world class coaches that may be impossible for them to reach otherwise.

The main concept of the Market is simple. To make it possible for expert coaches from various parts of the world, as well as fields of expertise to offer their unique services to our users of Athlete Analyzer.

Athlete Analyzer users have a literal goldmine of information stored in their accounts, so this is a new opportunity to benefit from that information. A new or additional coach is only one click away!

The Market opens up a completely new way to move forward with your career surrounded by “virtual coaches” with the highest levels of expertise, highly motivated to give you the benefits from their knowledge and experience!

Meet the first coaches in Athlete Analyzer Market

Stay tuned as we will continuously add new expert coaches to Athlete Analyzer Market. If YOU would like to offer YOUR expertise to our users, click here

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