Retailer Affiliate Program 

The Athlete Analyzer Affiliate Program is a revenue share program that gives you the opportunity to earn commission each time you refer new users and customers to us. Customers can be referred either via a discount coupon or via your personal referral link.

Discount Coupon

Every purchase made with your discount coupon will credit you with a percentage of the total value of the first order. 


  • The coupon can be added to packages you deliver to customers.

  • The coupon can be printed on other materials that you already deliver with your packages.

  • The coupon can be handed out to customers during competitions, camps and similar.

  • The coupon can be shared with your customer newsletter


You can either use our template coupon design or create your own design optimized for your market. All coupon designs must be approved by us.


Flyer/coupon that can be distributed 

Referral Link 

Every new customers that you refer to us will credit with a percentage of the total value of the first order. 


Every new users that you refer to us will also credit you a fixed amount.   


You can refer users to us from your websites, social media or newsletter.

All percentages and rates are set individually.

Getting Started

Click on Join Now below and create your affiliate account. After approval you will find your referral link and discount coupon.


From the affiliate dashboard you will be able to see clicks, sign up and purchases you have referred.


Si tiene alguna duda, por ejemplo, sobre suscripciones o funcionalidades, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Si está interesado en un trato con un club, póngase en contacto con nosotros indicándonos el número de atletas y entrenadores del club y le responderemos con la máxima brevedad.

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